A Day at the Sydney Writers Festival

Hi Everyone,
I have just spent the day at the Sydney Writers Festival. It was so much fun. We listened to amazing Morris Gleitzman, the fantastic Deborah Abela, the entertaining Garth Nix and Sean Williams and last but definitely not least the brilliant Richard Newsome. Morris Gleitzman talked about his Toad series, Doubting Thomas and his most recent book Too Small to Fail. I won’t talk about the books but they sound really funny and I know I am going to read them. Deborah Abela talked about her series you’ve probably heard of called Max Remy and her latest book Grimsdon. I know I also want to read her books as well. Garth Nix and Sean Williams talked about how they were inspired to write, what books they wrote on their own, how they met and what their latest book working together is about. It is called Twisted Troubles. Last Richard Newsome came in and talked about his series called the Billionaires Curse. It sounds really fun to read and a great mystery to read. He also talked about his trip around India. It was a really fun day and I am looking forward to reading their books and I hope you will read them to!!

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