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Hi everyone,
My grade has been working very hard for over a term to lead up to a special event that happened today. If you haven’t already guessed by the title, we did plays. We were put into groups of about four or five and we had to write a twisted fairy tale about a well know fairy tale. If you are wondering what a twisted fairy tale is, it is where somebody makes up a different version, (usually funny) of a fairy tale. My group did Snow White and the two dwarfs. There were many twists to my play like Snow White not liking Prince Charming, there are only two dwarfs, the huntsman is really dumb and a few other twists here and there. I was prince charming and I was also doc. The other people in my group were- Eloise, who played snow white, Georgia, who played the evil queen, Ebony, who played the huntsman, grumpy and half of the narrator part and last but not least Alex, who played the other half of the narrator and the mirror. Unfortunately, Alex was unwell today so she didn’t get to perform, but, luckily Nat was up for the job and filled in for Alex’s parts. She was amazing considering she only had about 20 minutes to memorise and ruin through her lines. Thank you Nat, you are a life saver. Anyway, so many of the plays were funny and they were very enjoyable to watch. There were eleven plays altogether. They were- Cinderella 1, Cinderella 2, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Wizard of Oz, Humpty Dumpty, Little red riding hood, the ugly duckling, Jack and the beanstalk and Jack and Jill. (If you have counted correctly, there will be ten even though I said eleven. I didn’t say my play.) Everyone had an amazing time performing in front of parents, teachers and the rest of the school. All of the plays got an amazing reaction to all the plays. There was lots of laughter and it was definitely a day to remember. Well done to everybody who participated. You have all done an amazing job and I am sure everybody will be talking about it for weeks.



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Hi every one,
A friend showed me this quiz and I thought it was a great idea so I am going to put it on my blog. If you want to comment, feel free to comment your results. Anyway, here are my results for the quiz-

Last thing you ate- Apple
Last thing you drank- Water
Last person you talked to on the phone – Jacinda
Last movie you saw at the cinemas- The Hunger Games
Last movie you saw- James Bond
Last book you read – The Hobbit
Last T.V. show you watched- Merlin
Last shop you went to- Chatime
Last job you did that you hate- Emptied out the dishwasher
Last house you visited – Alex’s
Last electronic you used- Computer
Last sport you played – Tennis
Where you went last time you were away- Singapore
Last song you heard – Diamonds by Rihanna
Last thing you bought- A drink from Chatime

Almost Christmas already?!?!


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Hi everyone,
Have you been to the shops recently? Well, if you have, you may have noticed something a little bit different with the decorations. If you haven’t already guessed, people are getting ready for Christmas! This year has been so fast. It feels like the day we first started school this year was yesterday. Well, maybe not yesterday but you get what I mean. There are Christmas crackers, Christmas trees, Christmas sales, Christmas presents, Christmas everything! If you know what you are getting for Christmas, feel free to let me know by commenting. Christmas time is a really exciting time to get together with your family and maybe have a big lunch, share presents, talk, give people presents and at the end of the day, have a great time on Christmas day. I am sure all of you are looking forward to Christmas and have a great holiday!

from, lucyr123



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Hi everyone!
As you may know, Halloween was on Wednesday 31st October! I went trick or treating on Wednesday night and I was dressed as a pumpkin. If you went trick or treating, feel free to comment and say what you were. Whoever is first to comment, they can have the choice to choose what I write my next post about. But remember, it has to be something nice. I got so many lollies that I think they will last me for at least one year! Well, maybe not a whole year but I still got lots! I went out walking with two of my good friends and we were out about two hours. We got chocolate, lollipops, gummies, marshmallows and so many more! I had a great time trick or treating with my friends and can’t wait until next year!

Debating Gala Day


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Hi everyone,
At the start of this week, eight girls from my grade went out for the day. If you haven’t already guessed where because of the title, we went to debate at a Gala Day! We came to school at eight and left to walk up to the train station at ten past eight. It only took us a few minutes to walk there as it is just up the road a little bit. I went with seven other lovely girls. Their names were Tess, Jess, Yuri, Emily, Sammy, Millie and Alex. We were split up into two teams. On my team was Millie, Emily and Sammy and on the other team, if you haven’t guessed already was Yuri, Tess, Jess and Alex. We bought some tickets and almost immediately, the train came. We were actually running late so luckily we didn’t miss the train! We waited about ten minutes on the train and got off at Wahroonga. We then walked up to Abbotsleigh Junior School where we ran through our speeches before the debate. I was third speaker so I had to sum up my teams case. The topic for my debate was that junk mail should be banned. We were negative so we were arguing that junk mail should not be banned. The other team’s topic was that the Olympics are a waste of time. They were affirmative so they were saying that the Olympics are a waste of time. My team won our debate but unfortunately, the others didn’t. After a hard day of debating, we stopped off at the local café and got hot chocolates (or milkshakes) and a little short bread cookie. We caught the train back to school and we were back in class just in time for the last period. I had a great day out at the debating Gala Day and I am sure everyone else who went will agree with me as well!
From lucyr123

Picture book


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Hi everyone,
My grade and I are coming to the end of a massive assignment. At the start of term three (last term) we were told that we were to make a picture book. We had to make it suitable for children in kindy and year 1. We have to write it, illustrate it and put little pieces here and there. I will try put pictures up on my blog in a while but that is not guaranteed. I have got about two pages left to colour now and I am probably going to get it published this weekend. I am looking forward to the finished product and as I said before, I will try put photos up of some of the illustrations.

See you later,

ICT Antarctic Claymation Movie!


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Hi everyone,
In my other post about everything, there was a part where I mentioned an ICT competition. Here is the movie I entered that won me and my team a 100 dollar iTunes voucher. Also, you may need to have your sound up on your device to hear the music because the music makes it a lot more dramatic. Hope you like it!



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Hi everyone,
I know this is my second post of the day but I just have to tell you about my amazing trip to Canberra with my year. We woke up very early so we could be at school by 6 thirty because we were leaving at seven. Our parents were tired but while they were moaning and groaning, the kids were jumping around and couldn’t wait to get to school. Very surprising but I don’t blame them because I was bouncing up and down too. We were going to Canberra. At school in HSIE, we have been learning all about different types of government and mainly democracy. Because Australia is a democratic country, we went to the Parliament house. That isn’t all we did but I will get onto the rest in a minute. We were there for two nights and boy was it busy. I don’t think I could remember a part of the day when we weren’t doing something. Three days sounds like a lot to do in one place non-stop, but trust me,by the time we got home, we were flat out tired. Anyway, back onto the trip of Canberra. The first day, we went to the National sound and film archive. We saw and heard so many clips and some were older than anyone alive now. The oldest one we watched was from 1896. That is 116 years ago. It wasn’t in colour like you would see today and it wasn’t nearly as good quality as to what you’re used to. It was black and white and had lots of glitches but was still able to be worked out. After that, we went to the famous parliament house were you may know Julia Gillard works. We didn’t actually see her while we were there but one person we did see that you would all probably know is Tony Abbott. He came and talked to our school and he even got a photo with us. As you can imagine, the teachers were pretty excited too and one of them said the best part about the trip was meeting Mr Abbott, for sure. He was so excited because he got to shake Mr Abbott’s hand. He said he would never ever wash it again but I highly doubt that. After he came and talked to us, we were lucky enough to go into the house of representatives and the senate. It was very interesting and I learnt heaps about government. After we went to those rooms, my class pretended to be in parliament and debate a bill. The bill was to ban commercials on kids TV shows. I was against the topic and my team won. Of course, we had to have members of parliament. So, I was chosen to act as Tony Abbott. I got to sit in a big chair opposite another girl who was acting as Julia Gillard, the prime minister of Australia. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time, teachers included. After parliament house, we went to a museum. It was very interesting and we saw a lot of original artworks painted by well known artists. The artworks ranged from big to small, crowded to non crowded and faint and bold. There were so many different creations and I loved them all. We then had dinner. We had sausages and mash. We were called back into the coach to find out whose rooms we were in. I was with two of my very close friends so I was happy. The next day was even more busy. We went to Lots of interesting museums which were also very interesting. We went to old parliament house which really is a museum. We were actually lucky enough to sit in the chairs in the house of representatives. We had to put on white gloves so we didn’t damage anything precious. Also, so everyone has a chance to see the amazing old things used in old parliament house. It was very interesting to learn the differences between now and then. After that, we went to the educational electoral centre where we learnt how to vote in a federal election. We watched a little video clip and were asked a few questions. After that, we had to go around to stations and fill out sheets. then we had our own little vote. It wasn’t for people but funnily enough, we voted on our favourite fruits. I voted peach first and it won. I was so happy and everyone else who voted for peach was happy too. Then, we drove around all the embassys. Not all of them because there are around 40 of them. After we had a little drive, we went to the war memorial. I learnt so much about war and how terrible it was for everyone at the time. Even the kids had to do hard work let alone the adults. The women mainly had to do the jobs because all of the men were out fighting for their country and for it’s freedom. We should all be very thankful for those brave people because without them, you would not be living peaceful and happy lives. Then we had an early dinner and went to the AIS which is the Australian institute of sport. We saw all of the major training rooms for elite Australian athletes. The proper training pool was very high tech and worth about 17 million dollars just for the pool. After we were took around to all the rooms, we got a chance to play a few sports and see our abilities. After that, we had some sleep ready for our final day at Canberra. In the morning, after we had breakfast, we went to the National museum of Australia. I saw many old and interesting things including Pharlaps heart. It was massive. More than ten times the size of an average human heart. While we were there, we went in the circa room where the room we were in actually spun around. There were so many TVs to watch and learn new things off. Everyone was excited after that because went to the amazing, fantastic QUESTACON!!! We were so happy an there wasn’t one second we weren’t doing something there. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit all the rooms but the rooms we did visit were amazing. When we had all finished, we went to the gift shop. Almost everyone bought amazing things and I bought two things. I bought bouncing putty and I also got a flying monkey. It may sound ridiculous but it was like a sling shot I guess. When we had eaten our lunch, it was sadly, time to go home. But on the way back home, we made a quick detour to McDonalds. I just got a drink but most people got something to eat. It was very crowded but we got what we wanted within ten minutes. That means we were at McDonalds for ten minutes not we lined up for ten minutes. We arrived home about 6 o’clock and everyone was so tired because of a huge jam packed camp. I bet everyone who is doing the trip next year will enjoy it as much as I did.
From, lucyr123.



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Hello everyone,
sorry I haven’t written a post for soooooo long. I now have the time to tell you what are the major and minor things that have recently happened in my life. Where to start is a hard one but I will start with netball. Sadly, the netball season is over and my team unfortunately didn’t get into the semis. Last year we did much better because we came runner ups in the grand finals. That was a very big achievement for me and I will never forget the experience. Another thing that I have done which is not so sad this time is I entered with two of my friends into a competition. it is called young ICT explorers. My team and I decided to make a claymation about Antarctica. We thought it would have to be cute but it wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t have a purpose. So we mainly based it on global warming and how nature is in Antarctica. When we got to the finals, we found out that we had been awarded the judges merit award. That meant that each of my team members got a 100 dollar iTunes voucher including me. everyone was so happy but unfortunately a member had to leave early so we had to take her award. OK, now onto my next thing. My school had a performing arts and music concert a few weeks ago. It was a major success and I performed in 4 things. I was in the band, the two grade songs and the 4- 6 finale song. In the band, I played two solos and everyone thought I WAS FANTASTIC. I was proud of myself then. With my grade, we performed 2 songs. They were an ABBA medley which had dancing queen, rock me and mamma mia which are all songs by ABBA, and I also performed fireflies by owl city. Then, for the finale, everyone performed Dare to Dream by Olivia newton- John. All the teachers were impressed with all of the acts and it was definitely a night to remember. Another thing is that I am in the debating team for my school. We have won every single debate except for one which the adjudicator got a bit mixed up with the topics. Any way that was just a little bump and fortunately, we are most l; likely going to the semis. My whole team is very excited including my coach. We can’t wait. There are many more things that have been going on in my life so keep visiting this blog to find out more of my adventurous life. If you have anything interesting you want to say, please comment and I will display your comment as soon as I can and everyone will be able to see it. Hope you have fun and enjoy life.
From, lucyr123.

The Hunger Games!


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Hi everyone,
There is a new movie out based on the trilogy of books, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. There are three books but only one movie out. I can’t wait until the second and third movie come out. I am in the middle of the second book and I am loving it. It may be a little bit too violent for anyone under the age of 10 but for me it is great. i think they are my favourite books I have ever read and trust me, I have read a lot of books in my life. Out of a rating of 1- 10, I would rate it a definite ten. Here is a little bit about the book.

The main character is Katniss Everdeen. She comes from district 12. She has a sister called Primrose ( Prim for short) she has a good friend named Gale, and their is another boy called Peeta Mellark who is very important in the story later on. There are districts from 1- 12, of course. 13 and more were blown up and all that was left was ruins. There is also the Capitol. The Capitol is the head of all of the districts and they are very rich. Every year, they have something that is called the Hunger Games. They choose two tributes from each district to fight in the games to show who is the stronger district. There has to be one girl and one boy from each district as a tribute. In the book, it is the 74th annual Hunger Games. There is a lot of killing and it is a bit emotional in some parts but it is still a good book. There are many other characters such as Haymitch who is the mentor of the tributes from district 12. Haymitch has won the Hunger Games before. There is Effie who is a really funny and girlish person who always wears weird clothes and coloured wigs. there is Mrs Everdeen who is Prim and Katniss’ mum. There is Mr Everdeen but he is dead from a mine explosion so he isn’t very important in the story. here are some of the tributes. there is Cato, Clove, Rue, Thresh, Foxface, Glimmer and marvel. The rest are just said as like the boy from district 4 or something like that. there is a phrase that the people always say. It is may the odds be ever in your favour. So, overall, the Hunger Games is amazing and i would definitely recommend it to everyone over the age of 10 or 11.

from lucyr123.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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